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Ground Coffee - Psychedelic Collection

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Body 2.0 rating
Aroma 5.0 rating

0.3kg / 11 x 11 x 12cm

Ground Coffee Psychedelic Collection can to collect.

Mokito Psychedelic Collection 250g can of 100% ground Arabica for Moka and filter.

The Psychedelic collector's can plays everything on the gradations and nuances of color, almost as if it were an opal. Inside is our 100% Arabica blend, coming from the best plantations in Central America and Brazil.

Discover Mokito's 100% Arabica Blend now.

Psychedelic Collection Ground Coffee:

  • The can contains 250g of coffee;
  • Ground coffee for mocha;
  • Arabic blend; Packaged in the factory in Via Don Minzoni, 50 – Noceto (PR), Italy.


Aromatic and delicate notes of the best Arabica coffees.

Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Mexico and El Salvador.

Perfect for preparation with a classic Moka and excellent in filter extractions.

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