Capsule Arabica Mokito
10 Arabica capsules - Nespresso compatible

10 Arabica capsules - Nespresso compatible

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Body 2.0 rating
Aroma 5.0 rating

0.1kg / 15 x 3 x 7cm

100% Arabica capsules, 10 Mokito 100% Arabica blend capsules, compatible with Nespresso.

Made in Italy capsules that contain all the flavor and taste of Mokito's 100% Arabica blend. A triumph of red fruit and citrus aromas for a delicate and soft cup of coffee.

Discover Mokito's 100% Arabica Blend now.

100% Arabica capsules:

  • Each capsule contains 6g net of coffee;
  • Nespresso compatible capsules;
  • Nespresso™ is a registered trademark of SOCIETE' DES PRODUITS NESTLE' SA The trademark is not owned by Mokito Spa which is in no way connected to SOCIETE' DES PRODUITS NESTLE' SA;
  • Packaged in the factory in Via Don Minzoni, 50 – Noceto (PR), Italy.


Aromatic and delicate notes of the best Arabica coffees.

Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Mexico and El Salvador.

Perfect for a delicate and aromatic espresso and excellent in filter extractions.