The Mokito blend becomes a sponsor of the Latte Art Grading System final

The final of the Italian Latte Art Grading championship is upon us! On Sunday 24 October 2021, at the Altoga Coffee Village (Pavilion 22 – HostMilano) the international Lags (Latte Art Grading System) judges will nominate the best baristas in creating the patterns as required by the competition regulations. This year, competition after competition, the most expert baristas in Latte Art have been selected on 4 levels as required by the Lags disciplinary But what exactly is the “Latte Art Grading System”?

What is it about

The Latte Art Grading System is the system that certifies the level of ability of baristas, from a technical and creative point of view, on the decoration of cafeteria drinks using the Latte Art technique. Worldwide, the system is structured in 4 progressive levels called "grading" , each characterized by a different color (which reflect those of the logo): green, red, black and gold . Each level evaluates a specific ability to create a series of complex decorative figures in the cup. Every barista with professional latte art knowledge can participate. However, only the most expert baristas will be included in the Latte Art Grading register. The best baristas receive an official certificate, the Latte Art Grading Certificate. Who will dominate the stage of the Second Italian Latte Art Grading Championship ? The day following October 24, the winners of the national team will compete for the WLAGS Battle, the second edition of the world championship.

The Mokito blend, official sponsor of the Latte Art challenge!

On the occasion of the Latte Art final, which will take place at Host Milano from 22 to 25 October, Mokito will be the sponsor of the event by offering a special coffee blend that will be used during the competition and given as a prize to the winners of the various competition levels! The blend chosen for the competition is Mokito Blend Bianco Aromatico di Milano 100% Arabica , made up of 5 different Arabicas: 3 from Brazil, 1 from Peru and 1 from Mexico. The final of the event will be held on Sunday afternoon and the awards ceremony will be at 5pm. All lovers of good coffee are waiting to find out who will win!

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