How to clean the Moka, practical advice

How to clean the Moka, a question that you will surely have asked yourself at least once. Here are some practical tips.

Mokito 's useful advice to clean the Moka and dispel the doubts that the various "grandmother's sayings" have created. So how to wash the moka coffee maker? Let's start by answering the question " whether the Moka is to be washed or not ". It certainly needs to be washed , because the coffee residues left in the moka after extraction tend to oxidize and go rancid. These coffee residues, if not eliminated, would leave bitterness and rancidness to our drink. Two flaws that we certainly would never want to have in the cup of our favorite coffee. Therefore, only by keeping our moka as clean as possible will we allow our blend to best release its aromas and taste .

How to wash the Moka

The moka must therefore be cleaned each time it is used with degreasing products , preferably natural and odorless , to prevent the scent of the soap from being carried into the coffee. So no perfumed and aggressive soaps for dishes and if we don't have a natural product then even just hot water and a little elbow grease may be enough. After eliminating all traces of the oils left after extraction, it is very important to let the open moka dry without closing it. In this way we will not risk excessive humidity and therefore mold forming inside.

If, after having thoroughly cleaned the upper part of the Moka where the extracted liquid remains before pouring it and moving on to cleaning the filter, we find some clogged holes, we can use a brush to clean them and make them functional again for extraction.

At this point our moka is ready and especially clean to extract our coffee at its best , whether it's a 100% Arabica or a blend, for it to be excellent it's important to choose one of the Mokito blends !

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