How to prepare a good coffee with the Moka

mocha coffee

When it comes to Moka, one cannot help but think of the inviting aroma of coffee that invades the kitchen, of the memories and sense of tradition that this tool represents for many families in Italy. Before the invention of the Moka it was necessary to boil coffee by "infusion" - unfiltered - over and over again. The ritual to prepare it was long, it took a long time to boil the coffee and let it settle before being able to drink it! The way coffee is prepared has evolved over time and among these the Moka has remained one of the most appreciated choices by Italians. But what is the secret to making good coffee with a Moka? Let's find out now!

1. Choose the right blend

To make a good coffee with the Moka, you must first start with the right choice of blend. You can choose the type of blend that you like best depending on a purely personal taste, but it is important to choose the type of format suitable for the Moka as espresso coffee is more dusty and not suitable for the Moka. Alternatively, choose a blend that works for both of you and you'll go without fail!

2. How much water?

Fill the tank with cold water up to the valve or halfway up the valve. A fundamental rule is not to exceed the valve because it is necessary that there is enough space between the filter and the surface of the water to be able to operate the moka.

3. How much coffee should I add?

Here the question is obligatory: are you part of the montagnella team or satin team? Let's clear up any doubts! Once the coffee has been placed in the filter, it is not necessary to press it , otherwise you will not allow the water to infiltrate properly to extract the coffee. Next, fill the filter and tap it on a surface to even out the contents. Add a few more spoonfuls until a small hill forms, but don't overdo it. Exceeding the doses does not lead to the success of a good coffee!

4. Fire mode ON

Place the Moka on the smallest stove you have available, light it and put it on a low flame. Then you just have to wait for that unmistakable gurgling of the Moka when the coffee starts to rise. As soon as the coffee has risen, turn it off and stir ! That's right: stirring the coffee with a teaspoon before serving allows you to balance the taste and intensity of the coffee. Your coffee is ready to be enjoyed!

How to recognize a well made coffee with a Moka pot?

Here are some clues to look out for: 1 Color : the liquid must be of a dark colour, obviously the intensity of the color changes according to the blend used: with a 100% Arabica blend you will obtain a lighter consistency, while if you use a mix of Arabica and Robusta, the color will a little more brown. Warning : if it is a little transparent when you pour it, then you have put in too much water . 2 Residues : once the coffee has been poured into the cup, if there are abundant residues on the bottom it means that the blend you have chosen is not suitable for making good coffee in the Moka or it means that the latter has not been cleaned well or that the filter needs to be changed! 3 Perfume : if a good coffee scent spreads in the room then the game is done! Follow all our advice and prepare a coffee by choosing only quality blends: you will see that the result can only be excellent! Discover them on our shop .

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