Arabica and Robusta: let's discover the difference!

Is it true that Arabica is synonymous with high quality and Robusta with low quality? Today we dispel a myth!

Very often it is thought that Arabica coffee is more valuable than Robusta coffee but in reality this is not always true . The quality of the coffee is given by many factors that start from afar, from the care of the plant, through to the harvest. The process to which the cherries that contain our beans are subjected after harvesting and selection before embarking on ships. It is there that the quality of both Arabica and Robusta coffees really comes about. In fact, there are excellent flawless Arabicas such as excellent flawless Robusta but also bad Arabica as well as bad Robusta.

Taste and Aroma

On the other hand, the taste and aroma that the two species offer after roasting are different. If we are looking for more delicate cup coffees with aromas of fruit and flowers, it will mean that we will love coffees with a high % of Arabica more. If our favorite coffee is strong , full - bodied and with hints of bitter chocolate and spices , it means that we will appreciate more coffee with higher % of Robusta coffee . Attention, in order to savor the pleasant tastes just described in the cup, both species constituting the blend must be of excellent quality because otherwise, on the contrary, we will be able to taste the following tastes: strong bitterness, astringency, burnt, earthy, moldy and many other tastes unpleasant that no one would like to find in a cafe.


Now let's move on to the preparations! Some extractions prefer 100% Arabica coffees like all filter coffees . Others, however, such as our well-loved espresso coffee , are excellent both prepared with 100% Arabica blends and with blends prepared with a mix of Arabica and Robusta . The espresso prepared with 100% Arabica blends is fragrant and delicate on the palate . The espresso prepared with a mix of quality Arabica and Robusta will have the aromas and flavors of Arabica but also the body and roundness of good Robusta coffees .
Moka is usually prepared according to the geographical area , with 100% Arabica blends , in the north and with blends that are more robust towards central and southern Italy .

However, remember that wherever you are, coffee must be drunk the way you like it and it doesn't necessarily mean that the right blend or preparation must always be the same during the day, the important thing is that it is an excellent quality coffee like the Mokito blends .

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