One More Coffee Kit


Choose this kit for unlimited pleasure… Now at a super promotional price and with shipping included in the price of the kit!

The Kit includes

  • 4 special collectable Mokito aroma seal coffee tins, each containing 250g of 100% Arabica ground coffee. The Mokito aroma seal coffee tin is available in 6 different exclusive collectable versions and contains 100% Arabica ground coffee for moka coffee pots. The perfect blend to start the day with the right amount of energy.
  • 8 x 64g packs of 100% Arabica ground coffee. With its exclusive collectable packaging, our 100% Arabica blend ground coffee is ideal for a superior quality cup of coffee made in a moka pot.
  • 2 patterned coffee cups free with the kit to enjoy your Mokito coffee at its best, by yourself or in company.
The kit serves 210 cups of coffee and you save 20%.

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