Coffee Beans – Tasting Pack Arabica-Harmony-Intense


Mokito Coffee Beans Blends Selection specifically made for Super Automatic coffee machines or Professional machines for home use like De’Longhi, Gaggia, Saeco e Philips.

  • 1 x Mokito 500g 100% Arabica Coffee Blend
  • 1 x Mokito 500g Armonia Coffee Blend
  • 1 x Mokito 500g Intenso Coffee Blend
  • Coffee Beans Blend Selection specific for home or offices
  • Producedin the plant Via Meucci, 2 – Binasco (MI), Italy.


Our Selection of Coffee Beans Blend 100% Arabica, Armonia and Intenso. 3 bags of coffee beans 500g each. One bag of 100% Arabica Blend, One Armonia made of 70% Arabica e 30% Robusta Blend and One Intenso made of 40% Arabica e 60% Robusta packed with unidirectional valve. Bring all the aroma of the fresh coffee to your home; You can find the aromatic, smooth and velvet taste all in this Mokito selection.

  • All the delicious taste and aroma of our 100% Arabica blend.
  • Armonia of the best Origins for an outstanding symphony of aroma and body.
  • Energetic and strong, Intenso is the Ideal Mokito blend for those are looking a nice shot to start the day at its best.

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