Intenso capsules package – Nespresso compatible


120 capsules made in Italy that capture all the flavour and taste of Mokito’s Intenso blend. Energetic and bold, Intenso is the ideal Mokito blend when you need an extra coffee boost for your daily life!

120 Mokito Intenso blend capsules, Nespresso compatible.


Intenso capsules package – Nespresso compatible:

  • Each capsule contains 6g net of coffee
  • Nespresso™ is a registered trademark of SOCIETE’ DES PRODUITS NESTLE’ S.A. The trademark is not owned by Mokito S.p.A. which is in no way connected to SOCIETE’ DES PRODUITS NESTLE’ S.A.
  • Packaged in the plant in Via Don Minzoni, 50 – Noceto (PR), Italy

Additional information

Weight 1,35 kg
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 14 cm

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