100 Capsule - Decaffeinato Compatibili Nespresso

100 Capsules - Decaffeinated Nespresso Compatible

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100 espressos Mokito Decaffeinated Blend. In promotion with free delivery.

All blends are packaged in capsules compatible with Nespresso™ machines.

Nespresso™ is a registered trademark of SOCIETE' DES PRODUITS NESTLE' SA The trademark is not owned by Mokito Spa which is in no way connected to SOCIETE' DES PRODUITS NESTLE' SA

Food name: decaffeinated ground coffee caffeine content < 0.1%

Net quantity: 5.2 g each. x 100 capsules

Country of origin: produced in Italy

Produced in the plant in via don minzoni, 50, Noceto (PR)


Mokito coffee Roaster